Just Don’t Call Me ‘Bubbly’!

A correspondent wrote in his diary entry today that if we like going out and staying in, are caring and funny and love our families and nature, how come we are all still single?

And immediately I had to think, no, we are all very different, maybe that is why we are all single, bur we don’t know how to make ourselves sound more individual.

So I would guess include things in you profile that make you really you ie what you are really good at, what you are really bad at. What you really love and what you really can’t stand. What have you always wanted to learn? Who do you really admire and why? What is your favourite film and book (if applicable) and why? What makes you cry with laughter?

Looking back on it, I have had good dates based on a shared love of skiingboarding, love of a particular type of music, and a particular attitude to travel and living abroad. No mention of going out and staying in…

There are a couple of excellent articles on the BBC, one about online dating home truths, and another about the most hated cliches. And one of the latter is that men can’t stand women calling themselves ‘bubbly’. I quite agree. We can all be bubbly, sparkling, charming and the life and soul sometimes – but all the time? on a Monday morning, or trudging round the supermarket…God, I hate that term! On the other hand I once read a profile of a guy who wanted a girl who ‘laughed and joked all the time’. Who does that? It’s back to emotions again – these are what makes us human. I’m not sure this person wanted a human companion. Perhaps some sort of computer generated avatar would be more appropriate.

So I guess I have just revealed something that makes me, me. Also, as previously mentioned, a lack of attention to written English to me is a complete turn off. Yesterday I read a four line profile that did not contain one comma, and definitely wasn’t a sentence. But hopefully this guy will find a like-minded girl who isn’t hung up on these things.

Oh, and the second BBC article is also really worth a look, as it is based on statistical research (there you go, I have revealed something else about myself: I am a bit of a nerd). One thing that struck me is that the older men get, the younger the age bracket of the women they are seeking get. And not only that, they put on their profiles that they are looking for, say age 30-40, but in reality do searches for women even younger….Maybe that is why some of us are still single. Just saying.

Sweet dreams all x


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