Introductory lines…

On a certain dating website people can write a headline and then a brief message to send out to all and sundry, or a selection of ‘favourites’ on the site.

Here are a few, produced by men, during summer 2014. They are all 100% genuine….

‘Could you be the gap in my life?’

‘Natrual man seeking natrual woman’

‘I am interesting on your profile’

‘A flexible man interested in various thing’

‘Really need someone to share adventurers with’

‘I’am honest’

‘I am high self-confident’

‘Hello ladys. im lloking to make friends’

‘Anyone can massage me even if they have not upgraded their account’

I am wondering if women do any better (or perhaps worse?). On another site which displays both male and female profiles on the main page, I saw one which said ‘Hi, I am Shelly* from Essex. I love chatting on the phone, shopping and Essex life’. She was scantily clad and every inch of her body was covered in tattoos…I hope she has found her soulmate, anyway.

* Not her profile name.


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