Not the Best!

I reclined in my comfy chair in the Ritzy Screen 5 with excited anticipation at Lukas Moodysson’s new film ‘We are the Best!’, but was rather disappointed.

I guess tales of early teen rebellion, friendships ebbing and flowing, and inept attempts to start bands have been done to death.

There was plenty of his usual charm, but not the same quality of deadpan lines and observations of the ridiculous adult world through children’s eyes, as in ‘Together’ (2000).

But the parents were still the best (or worst) characters in the film. Middle class, self-absorbed and just awful, they provided the most cringeworthy laughs of recognition. No wonder the kids had to hide in their rooms to escape yet another excrutiating dinner party.

The performances were good, but I would recommend you watch ‘Together’ instead – ┬áset in 1975, this is Moodysson’s tale of a woman who seeks refuge from domestic violence in her brother’s hippie commune.

Lilya Forever and Show Me Love are still on my to-watch list, but I’ve heard they are a bit grim, so I will save ┬áthem for when I am in the right mood.





Grizzly Man and Werner Herzog

Finally got round to watching Grizzly Man, the documentary about Timothy Treadwell who believed he had some kind of bond with bears and other animals, and that it was his calling to protect them. He was actually a talented cameraman and shot some amazing footage, but Herzog captures his increasing paranoia and disconnection with the human world, and the sense of menace as Treadwell boasts about managing to co-exist with some of the most dangerous predators alive, a few days before his death.

On the DVD is also a wonderful documentary about the recording of the haunting soundtrack with Richard Thompson and Jim O’Rourke. Herzog is in complete control. I need to watch the rest of his films now.